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We are OPEN!

Formerly Southill Youth Club, the SPARK Wellbeing Centre now serves as a local community centre with a focus on health and wellbeing.  The SPARK charity took ownership of the tenancy of this building following closure of youth clubs across the county. After some restoration and improvement work, we opened our doors to the public in September 2016. 

We are now very busy and hope that the community and those who travel to visit us are impressed with the work that has been carried out and the many groups that are now available to all.  We are very pleased to offer opportunities for young people in many genres of dance, theatre workshops, vocal training, fitness, acrobatic and dance shows/local pantomimes.  For adults we have a number of different fitness classes, from zumba, balletfit, tap dancing, personal training and weight loss/fitness management programmes.  We also welcome a ukulele group, radio club and various other regular and one off events.  See below for our regular users.

The Story of Saving the former Youth Club Building
September 2016 marked the start of a new era for SPARK and our fundraising, as we take over the tenancy of the former youth club building within Southill.  Following several public meetings earlier this year to 'save the youth club' as a result of Dorset County Council's decision to make cuts within youth services, SPARK was successful in producing a business plan allowing the building to remain open, within the hands of our community.  Prior to this the building faced closure and was at risk of being boarded up, which would have been truly unfortunate.

During August work has been carried out to improve and update the building and will continue in stages as we gain more funding.  With a 'health and wellbeing focus', our new Centre has a new purpose built floor replacing the old concrete and soon hope to be able to update our kitchen and lounge area.  
Our main hall is now much fresher, cleaner and brighter, with mirrors which give a lovely spacious look.  

The whole feeling to the hall has changed and has improved.

The building also has a smaller room which too has been decorated.  Previously the walls were a peachy orange colour, now they are fresh and bright with a brighter ceiling too.  We hope to replace the flooring in this room very soon.
​​It's early days, but we are very excited by the fact that this building will now be better utilised, looked after on a regular basis and in the hands of our community. Thank you to the many volunteers who have helped this project to take off and to those of you who have offered your time and skills.  If you would like to get involved or to find out what you could do to help, please get in touch by EMAILING US.  The building is available to hire, please get in touch.


We are thrilled to welcome local dance school Evolution Dance to our premises and are excited by the many classes and opportunities that they will bring to our community!  Led by Becky Wells, the school offers a wide range of performance opportunities and classes across several genres; including a few for adults too (have you ever fancied tap dancing?  Now could be your chance!).

Students can choose between flexible and affordable performance classes, giving the opportunity to dance for fun, learning choreography to take part in school shows and to express themselves through dance (working on a pay as you learn basis) - and/or working more closely on mastering the technique required in dance through classes following a nationally recognised ISTD examination syllabus.  Students can gain further insight into the world of dance.

Plenty of our local children currently attend this school, with many more joining in September.  We also thank Becky and her family for the many hours that they spent over the summer improving the premises, and for her valuable input and ideas.  

For more details on what Evolution Dance offer, please visit their links below:

The South Dorset Radio Society

We are very pleased to welcome back the South Dorset Radio Society who will continue to use the hall for their regular meetings.  The Society support and promote amateur radio (since 1961) and have been meeting in Southill for the last 5 years.  For more information and for regular news and updates, you can visit their website at www.sdrg.co.uk which is very interesting indeed!  

We very much thank the South Dorset Radio Society for their continued support.

Razzamataz Theatre School

We warmly welcome Razzamataz Theatre School Weymouth to our Wellbeing Centre who use our studio to rehearse for many exciting appearances; to date including a performances at Her Majesty's Theatre in London and DisneyLand Paris!

How exciting.  


U3A Ukulele Group

​​We are delighted to announce that our Centre is now home to a local Ukulele group who meet monthly, learning new songs and improving their playing skills. Members of this group belong to the University of the Third Age (U3A) which is a cooperative group of older people, sharing many educational, creative and leisure activities. The Weymouth and Portland U3A has over 450 members, meeting on the third Friday of each month at St Aldhems Church Centre, Weymouth. Members are free to join a variety of interest groups, which depending on size, meet either in members homes or within hired rooms. The Ukulele group, coordinated by Liam Goodall, has grown from 6 to over 20 interested members and we are very pleased to welcome them to our premises!
Stay tuned for further updates on our building; developments and improvements, events and bookings.  
An exciting future lies ahead!